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Monday, December 3, 2012

Feed the Troops

The 571st Military Police Company at JBLM (Ft Lewis) has asked us(PNWBA) to provide lunch for 300-400 people in Steilacoom, WA following their Deployment Ceremony preceding their departure to Afghanistan. Tombstone BBQ was delighted that we were asked to help!!!

  "Proud of all of our PNWBA Brothers and Sisters...and our amazing sponsors...Simply Marvelous BBQ, Kosmo's Q, and Big Poppa Smokers...

Wow! What an event.
The military leadership was absolutely taken aback by the degree to which we treated their soldiers and families so very well. The soldiers about to deploy overseas were very appreciative and many troops, officers and family members came out to the cook site afterwards to express their thanks. It made for a wonderful experience.

Pulled Pork, Brisket, Spare Ribs, Buffalo roasts and fresh, bright Steelhead filets plus Christine's Polynesian baked beans and creamy Cole slaw...all topped off by loads of ice cream and ice cream cones and yummy Chocolate Milk. Did I mention the Buffalo Pepperoni "hors d'oeuvres"? Oh, yeah, and a big pile of Hot Dogs for the kids. That's what we provided to the serving line as the PNWBA teamed with members of the CASI Puget Pod (Chili Appreciation Society International).

Our hats are off to wonderful supporters like:

*Cowlitz Indian Tribe, who donated the fresh Steelhead.

** L Bar T Bison Ranch, Forrest Grove, OR who donated more than 100 pounds of really
luscious organic Buffalo in various forms ("Buffalo Tom" Epler - PNWBA Member)
* Smith Brothers Farms - Kent, WA for 400 cartons of the best chocolate milk
any soldier ever enjoyed.
** Wiley's Cooking Woods who greatly discounted a big load of beautiful Hickory and
Cherry (Mike Wiley - PNWBA Member)
* Home Depot-Tacoma, who donated all the charcoal
** Brank's BBQ in Sumner who got us the great buy on wholesale ribs and pork shoulders
(Charlie Brank - LONG TIME PNWBA Member)
* Franz Family Bakery who greatly discounted all of the bread products...more than 700
* Stephan Franklin of SIMPLY MARVELOUS BBQ who donated super Rubs.
* Sterling Ball of BIG POPPA'S SMOKERS who donated sauces, disposable cutting boards
and gloves. Was that cool, or what?
* Derian Khosravi of KOSMO'S Q who also donated some great rubs.
** And JD McGee - (PNWBA Member) who arranged those donations from his sponsors!
*** And by the way, THANK YOU to Ken Peach (Lifetime Member) and his crew who
DONATED all the Chili makings!

PLEASE remember to patronize our fantastic supporters!!!

Lots of left over supplies headed back to the association storage locker. MUCH more than the little bit we took.

And what a team! Many overnight, in the chilly rain but never did I hear a cross word or see a smile fade. You folks are just the Best in the West!

Diane Mee (Lake House BBQ) who kept US all fed and "coffee happy"!
Christine Maddock for so much planning and shopping assistance plus those fantastic beans and slaw.
President Jane for her unwavering support and hands on assistance.
1st Husband Frank Biehl who never hesitated to do the dirty jobs.
Jerry Keane (Duelin J's) & Jim Dessin (Double D Meats) cooking ANYthing we asked 'em too and doing it really, really well
Bryan Lipscy (Dead Man BBQ) the last man with meat on the grill - in other words, workin' to the very end Brian Moriarty (Left Hand Smoke) helper, advisor, contributor in every way
Larry & BJ Mayer (Brown Dog BBQ) this week - chili cooks extraordinaire
Shane Hostetler a new chilihead from Lakebay, WA,
John Eldridge & Scott Harper who reunited as Pit n Pit's superbly producing a full load of pork from C-Dub's big pit while Charles had to go back to work
Allie Wilson for all her help and spirit
Lynnae Oxley (Sugar's BBQ) what a fantastic treatment she came up with for cooking buffalo like her award winning tri-tip
Erik Lindeblom (Big Swede's BBQ) for great pictures and TONS of work throughout the event
Burt and Carolyn Adams - 2/3 of our Steilacoom connection - always on stand by for whatever was needed so very, very helpful and generous - plus she had the coolest red wagon!
Ed Sakai, the other 1/3 or our hosting neighbors - Ed always did what was needed with the biggest smile on his face and valuably offering wise considerations, a sage counsel
Gloria & Mike Craig from Seattle - they always seemed to find something to help with - from one task to the other - volunteers like Mike and Gloria make events like this HAPPEN!
Gregg & Kris Smith from Rochester - two more, just like the Craigs, the backbone of any such event. Gregg was just the busiest beaver from start to finish.
Mike Eckert (Tombstone BBQ) in addition to producing world class Brisket, Mike also scored us and filleted for us every one of those 22 bright Steelhead.
Chris Kelly (Fahrenheit 250) - nobody would EVER say Eckerts not one helluva cook but with Chris by his side they make a unbeatable pair with a pit! Thanks for all the extra you did, too Chris. You're my "Can Do" guy.
Ron Casner (Backyard Bum BBQ) Ron and his family transported the big load of smoking wood up from Portland and then masterfully he turned out melt-in-your-mouth baked steelhead any of us would be proud to serve Kevin & Gina Shields (Big Daddy BBQ) - 'Whatever you need' was always Kevin's attitude and he followed through, too. Gina for a minor concussion and 400 containers of the best chocolate milk this side of any udder!
Kent Arola from Tacoma, always pitchin' in with biceps and brains - a quiet MVP!
The honorable Ed Levesque (the legendary Junkyard Dog BBQ) - what valuable experience Ed brings to an event like this and he's the kind of guy who always spots the next thing needing to be done and he just flat get's to it! You can't pay for folks this valuable. Thank you Sir!
JD McGee for all of his help securing significant donations and then all the miles he drove for us, too. And the Chili Master himself, Sgt Major Ken Peach. Sure Ken has the experience to be more motivated to this cause than most but let me tell you, quietly, behind the scenes he keeps ya on track and is a tremendous inspiration. Together with the Mayers and Shane he turned out on helluva lot of mighty fine Chili and it WAS appreciated!
And finally, the Board of Directors of the PNWBA who approved this project, along with our hosts at McKinley Springs who were behind the funding of this ongoing effort and potentially other FEED THE TROOPS events.

I'll close by personally and sincerely thanking each of you who pitched in and those who tried to get away to do it but couldn't swing the time off and by thanking President Jane for offering me the opportunity to do my part in this effort. I (and other among us) remember a time we were in uniform when Americans didn't go the extra mile for our military and military families. It was a different time and different circumstances. We remember the frustration of TRYING to be proud to wear the uniform but facing an ostracizing population. I'm so very pleased that America is in a better place.
And I thank you all for letting me help do our small part in that."

Pat "Maddog" Maddock

I'm proud of the PNWBA!


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